Considering a Living Christmas Tree

There are many things in this world that can seem like a waste, and this is why many like to recycle. Once you drink a can of soda, it seems like a bad idea to toss that aluminum into a dump when it can be recycled and reused. This is something that I think about each year when we take down our tree and then pull it outside to be taken away. It seems like a waste for that tree to have grown for so many years, only to be cut, decorated and then thrown away a few weeks later. This is why I am considering a living Christmas tree this year, and many others are doing the same.

A living Christmas tree is one that you can use in your home for the holidays, but instead of throwing it out or grinding it up for mulch, you can plant it in your yard. They generally come in a container that needs to be watered and is much like any other plant you have in your home. You get the beauty and the lovely smell of a real, live, Christmas tree without feeling bad that the tree will be dead within a few weeks.

Once you are done, you can plant this in your yard, but not everyone can do this. However, that does not mean someone else might not want it, or that you can’t donate that tree to your community. There are many parks and other public areas that could use trees, and those are great places to give your living Christmas tree a new home. They may not be able to plant them in December, but they can when spring comes. This might even be something you can organize in your community. All of those who wish to have a living tree but have no yard space to spare can donate to the community.

Don’t forget about the other type of living Christmas tree when you are decorating for the holidays. If you have a pine in your yard, this can be something you can decorate as a part of your holiday traditions. Sometimes, those outside are the most beautiful Christmas trees of all. They can be lit and decorated just like the ones in your home, and if you are lucky enough to get snow, you will have something beautiful to share with the neighborhood. Some people even take down all decorations from this type of tree after Christmas but leave the lights on the tree all year.

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