Did I Forget To Pack Anything?

The line from the old movies was always, “Did you remember to turn off the stove”. This goes back to gas-powered stoves and really doesn’t apply anymore.

But there are some electrical appliances you should turn off before you go. I always turn off my power strip that powers my computer, since it will be with me.

I shut off the microwave and any other electrical appliances that won’t be needed for three weeks. About the only things I leave plugged in are the television, refrigerator, and stove. Of course, all the lights have power and are on a timer to make it appear like I am at home.

With numerous checklists, it is difficult for me to forget anything. I am a frequent traveler and use lists to ensure that I don’t forget anything important at home.

Technically, I could get by in Thailand with just my passport, plane tickets, and an ATM card. But I do like to have some clothes, gifts, and most of my toiletries with me when I go.

Plus, with all my electronic gizmos, I need all kinds of chargers, power cords, and batteries, or I won’t be able to function. The computer, camera, DVD player, noise reduction headphones, and cell phone all need attention.

Having a detailed checklist makes it so much easier to travel and not forget anything. It may be a bit anal, but it works for me. It lists everything that I will need to bring for the 3 weeks, a list of gifts for friends, and also includes things I need to do before I depart.

This trip is a little different for me. Usually, my son takes me to the airport and takes in my mail. However, he has moved to a city just outside of Las Vegas, so I am on my own.

I had to arrange for a shuttle to take me to the airport and fill out the little card for the post office to hold my mail.

I also have a list of items to buy as soon as I arrive in Thailand. This cuts down on some of the packing as the items I want, mainly toiletries, are cheap in Thailand.

I bring a minimum of clothing because I know that I will do some shopping over there. It just can’t be helped. The prices are so cheap; you just have to buy some goodies for yourself, family and friends. I hate shopping with a passion, but love to bargain over the Land of Smiles.

It is much easier when you have everything written down. As I get older, I tend to forget the simplest of things. So, a travel checklist works for me. If I just had to rely on my memory, I know that I would forget something.

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