Murcia, Spain Is An Exciting City For You To Visit

Murcia, Spain is an exciting city to visit because there are so many things to see and do. The city of Murcia is the capital of the province by the same name. You can fly into Alicante airport or into San Javier airport. San Javier is just outside of Murcia, but it is a smaller airport and therefore may not have as frequent a flight schedule. Flights into Alicante are frequently offered at a discount since there is so much travel to it.

In Murcia, you will want to rent a car. First of all, to get from the airport to your hotel, but also to travel around the area a bit. You can rent a car right at a counter at either airport. At Alicante airport, you will find them immediately outside of the main terminal area. Renting a car at Alicante airport is probably the best route, but at San Javier, you may find a better deal if you rent from a car agent in Murcia. It can be very inexpensive to have a car pick you up at San Javier since it is such a close airport. On the way home do the same; just give the car rental company the flight numbers and they know what time to pick you up.

Sightseeing in Murcia is out of sight. The Museum of Science and Water is a great stop for both you and your children. They have a planetarium, and many shows and exhibitions. Be sure to see the science square where children can watch scientific demonstrations and do experiments of their own.

The Museo de la Cuidad (City Museum)is a very popular attraction for families. The building itself was originally the home of a prominent sixteenth-century family. If you want to be bathed in the history of Spain and this region, this is the place for it. The culture, arts, and crafts of this region are on display here.

If you still haven’t learned enough about the history of this region, visit the Archaeological Museum. This is history, however, that goes back to prehistoric eras as well as the periods when Spain was under the control of the Romans or the Moors. A special treat is the permanent exhibit of Iberian pottery from the early Iberian periods.

Besides culture and history, you will find many other interesting things to see and do in Murcia. There are beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the sun and the sea. There is a lovely lagoon called the “Mar Menor” (small sea). This picturesque body of water is separated by a land bridge from the Mediterranean and is a beautiful, protected place to sunbathe. And chief among the water attractions in this area are the salt swamps near San Pedro del Pinatar.

The Cathedral de Santa Maria, built between the fourteenth and eighteenth-century shows its long construction period by exhibiting many different architectural styles in the same building. Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque architecture vie for your attention.

To top off all of this sightseeing activity, Murcia holds many festivals for its citizens and visitors. Easter week is the occasion for the most elaborate of the festivals, but you can find festivals almost any time of year. The music festival in July, the Sea of Music Festival, is a special treat.

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