Setting Appointments: An Importance Aspect in Your Business

The Importance of setting appointments is crucial to running a business. They are the key to a successful business.

When making appointments try to make your call between one and two minutes maximum. Practice keeping your calls to this time scale, any longer and you could be drawn into a full-scale presentation. It is like trying to describe a musical you have seen but without the music. Remember to create urgency in your call. Tell your contact that you do not have much time but would really like him or her to hear all about your product.

Compliment your contact by telling him or her why you have chosen them to hear about your product. Think about this, if someone says something nice about you don’t your ears prick up and listen to what is being said. Leading a conversation with a compliment opens things up for a good reception. But beware of giving forced compliments as people can normally detect them. Before making your call take a few minutes to think about what information you have on this contact. What special reason is there for sharing this opportunity with them? If the contact is a referral think back to what was said about them and use the positive points as your compliments.

You have now got their attention so you can insert an approach that you find works for you. Here are some approaches that you could use:

  • Family.
  • Product.
  • Business.

It is entirely up to you just remember the object is to get an appointment nothing more.

The last part of your conversation should be to confirm the appointment by:

Giving your contact choices

Getting a time and place

For instance, I’m free tomorrow at (insert time) or we could get together on Wednesday or Thursday at (insert time and place) which suits you? Once you have made the appointment thank your contact for the time they have given you and reaffirm the date, time, and place of the appointment. Write the appointment in your diary or planner. Give yourself a clap for having made an appointment. Now pick up the phone and do it all over again and again and again.

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