The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Garden Design

The garden design of a house can either add beauty to the inside of the house or can spoil the impression of your property. It all depends on the perspective you take.

When you are in the traditional mindset, the concept of design is more or less the same and the way it is perceived by the observer is the main point. To the person who is unaware of the concept of design, if the garden looks better, the person feels happy with it and feels like he is living in a beautiful home.

The modern perspective on design is far different. The basic premise is that the garden is nothing but a piece of space that is visually attractive. The function of a garden is only to be used as a spot where you can relax, play, and spend your time with your family.

For a functional garden, you need to keep the natural elements like sunlight, rainwater, etc. Also, the proper proportion of natural elements is very important. However, there is no scope for beautification at this point.

With these two views, it becomes clear that the design of a garden is more about the availability of space than beauty. The importance of beauty is not equally felt by people of all classes. A beach house always looks gorgeous, but there is no scope for beautification unless the architect has managed to get a huge beach.

The role of the designer of the garden design is not to make the garden beautiful but to decide whether the space available is well utilized or not. That is why there is a tendency for a lot of subtle elements in a good garden. The best way to get the desired effect is to pay attention to these subtle elements.

One such subtle element is the water garden. The water garden is not the garden that is always full of colors and water and not much else. A water garden offers us a small place to let lose the creativity and imagination.

When you go for a walk, you find your mind is full of thoughts related to getting a glimpse of the sky and you wonder how much fresher would the air be if you inhale the fresh air for a short while. Or you feel that walking is not going to be so enjoyable if you stay indoors and you wish to take some pleasure from the flowing movement of the water.

A key element of the water garden is that the water should be kept clean. You cannot afford to throw some water from the hose onto the water garden.

A clean pool is an ideal way to see the waterfall in the garden. The water should be constantly being supplied to ensure that the garden retains its beauty.

So the next time you go out and look at the garden design, take a look at the space available and not about the aesthetic value. The beauty should be decided at the design stage.

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